Radiological Laundry Services

ETI’s Radiological Laundry Service allows nuclear plants to concentrate on what they do best while we concentrate on doing the laundry. Our state-of-the-art laundry facility utilizes equipment and methods designed to ensure that each garment is thoroughly and carefully cleaned. Once the cleaning step is complete the garments are then subject to a comprehensive inspection process to ensure that each item is suitable for reuse. ETI will custom package garments to meet the unique demands of each customer.

ETI can assist your plant with the management of your radioactive laundry, please contact us using the form below.


We pickup all your radiological laundry in the special containers that we provide you.


Our industrial garment cleaners removes the vast majority of all radioactive residue from the garments.


Once laundered, your garments are delivered back to your plant, ready to be worn again.

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