About Us


Our company was founded in 1987 by experienced nuclear power professionals who saw unmet needs in the industry. Combining their ideas and ambitions to fill these needs, they responded with the creation of Eastern Technologies Inc., or ETI, in Ashford, Alabama.

We began as a provider of nuclear industry radiological laundry services, and as new demands emerged and better methods were developed we grew and evolved to accommodate and incorporate them, eventually adding our own line of manufactured launderable items.

With a strong belief that workers deserve to work each day in garments that are new, clean and contaminant free, in 2001 we began offering the OREX™ line of single-use protective clothing to our customers, and began manufacturing our own products a few years later.

2014 brought another exciting milestone, as we merged with Georgia-based Global Resources International, the original manufacturing company for our patented product lines.

We’re still changing and adapting, listening to customer feedback and launching new products and services.